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Starter Project

A set of latest best practices packed in Gulp tasks


Install using npm: npm install starter-project --save-dev.

Install using Yarn: yarn add starter-project -D.

Install by cloning the repository from Github: git clone

New files

Starter Project will copy all required files in your project root. You will see new files and folders in the project root:

Starter Project will not override your files. If any of the files exist, Starter Project will skip them.

Feel free to explore new files and get to know the project structure.

There are issues when copying .gitignore file.

Copy the content from new gitignore file to your .gitignore file manually or rename the file.


When updating Starter Project package, nothing will change automatically (except version number in package.json file).

This way Starter Project will prevent overriding your current settings. However, you could force updates by running one of the following Gulp tasks:

Please be very careful when updating Starter Project.

Remember to commit everything before the update.

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